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Chatham Savannah Citizen Advocacy                              

Position Outline

Citizen Advocacy is a community-based nonprofit that matches voluntary advocates with citizens with developmental and intellectual disabilities who may be neglected by disability services and/or excluded from community living. Advocates are often involved in these personal relationships over the years.


The primary role of the organization’s staff is to support these matches and create new ones. Its secondary function is to maintain a broad base of community support for funding the organization.


The organization has volunteer Officers and a Board who work closely with the staff of two full-time individuals. The organization is led by its Director, George Seaborough, and President, Brittany Curry.


The organization is seeking a full-time employee with total annual compensation of $54,000 ($40,000 base salary and $14,000 toward health insurance) with engagement in sustaining community support and supporting the advocacy matches.  


This person will use essential interpersonal skills in communicating with core group members and the broader base of community supporters. The organization’s mission requires a willingness and capacity to cultivate enduring relationships with this wide range of individuals. Compassion, empathy, and sensitivity to individuals’ needs are essential.


Many tasks must be accomplished with reliability to sustain the organization. These include mailings to members, assisting committees, tracking donations, reporting on staff accomplishments to the Board, helping the board plan and execute events, and various other details. Responsibilities for specific tasks fluctuate during the calendar year and its funding cycle. While many of these will be the responsibility of the person who fills this position, support of the ongoing matches will also be an essential component.

Email resumes and cover letters to seaborough@savannahcitizenadvocacy.org

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