What “Savings” Does a Citizen Advocacy Office Create?

A graphic of 2 citizen advocacy stories in Savannah

Brittany Curry of InkyBrittany recently delved into our archives and developed this graphic illustration from a piece written years ago by Tom Kohler. It’s still speaks to us and we hope it speaks to you. Let us know what you think. Does citizen advocacy save money? We sometimes get asked that question by folks who are considering offering their financial

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NYC and WWBC (Waddie Welcome and the Beloved Community) by Tom Kohler

I wanted to share few impressions and reflections after being in New York for a few days sharing the Waddie Welcome and the Beloved Community story and looking for allies and innovation… oh, and eating lox and bagels!   The story of Waddie Welcome and the Beloved Community captured all three audiences we met. The characters, Mr. Welcome, Ms. Reeves,

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BC, BBQ and Being a Good Citizen

There’s something very Savannah about being a “BC boy.” There’s also something very Savannah about eating BBQ (lamb) at Johnny Harris. There’s also something very Savannah about taking the time to be a good citizen.   Fifteen people gathered for lunch in the dining room at the Johnny Harris restaurant a couple of weeks ago. This has become a tradition

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