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Waddie Welcome and the Beloved Community

This book by Citizen Advocacy Coordinator Tom Kohler and long time activist Susan Earl is available from Inclusion Press and shares the story of Mr. Welcome, a Savannahian who was born in 1914 with a disability. After his parents passed away, he was placed in a nursing home far from his community. His deep desire for freedom drew many friends into his life in ways that not only liberated him from institutionalization but realized Dr. King’s vision of the Beloved Community.

Narcel Reedus, Filmmaker

Narcel directed the film Waddie Welcome: A Man Who Could Not Be Denied and a film called Nine in Alabama about children living in nursing homes.

30th Anniversary Video
Savannah College of Art and Design professor Michael Chaney put together this piece celebrating 30 years of citizen advocacy in Savannah – let us know what you think!

Inclusion Press
Inclusion Press offers many books, audio, and video products to help people think about justice, inclusion, and welcome. They also publish the book Waddie Welcome and the Beloved Community and distribute the DVD Waddie Welcome: A Man Who Cannot Be Denied.

The Center on Human Policy
Much of John and Connie O’Brien’s work can be found on this website. The O’Briens travel the world listening to people who are working to regenerate community. Over 40 articles are available for downloading.

David Pitonyak listens to the interior of people’s hearts and helps imagine new stories about people who have disabilities.

Georgia Advocacy Office
Georgia’s protection and advocacy office has helpful information about many issues in Georgia.