Your donations make it possible for George Seaborough to meet people in Savannah who have a developmental disability and who are in need of a citizen advocate, to recruit the right person to become the advocate, to match the two people, and then to offer high-quality ongoing support and training to the citizen advocate. Ashley O’Brien is the back office support to George as they make citizen advocacy happen in Savannah.

We are proud to have 300 grassroots donors, the majority of whom donate between $25 and $1,000 each year. We have a growing number of monthly and quarterly donors who sustain our work. We are always thankful for the generosity of local individuals, businesses, churches, synagogues, civic clubs, family foundations and local government as investors in our vision. We are also proud to receive funding through the Georgia Advocacy Office, the State of Georgia’s Protection and Advocacy organization.

We hope that you will join in to ensure that citizen advocacy is a part of our community’s future. Deeper, wider, stronger – one person at a time. Membership benefits include four newsletters per year, our Report to Investors which is published each July, invitations to our Annual Covered Dish Supper and Meeting and to various community education events during the year. We hope to earn your support in the years ahead.

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