10 Dangerous Days Ahead…

Staff members in all sorts of organizations like personal care homes, group homes, home health agencies, medical facilities, etc. are all hoping to have a restful and family-focused holiday season. That’s natural and expected. We have to hope that administrators and other human service planners have made arrangements for this to happen without putting the people who use these various services

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Four Things You Can Do That Matter…

There have been several local news stories recently about the struggle that non-profit organizations are facing. Last Saturday’s Savannah Morning News headline read: Christmas Cheer hits hard times; local non profits are feeling economic pinch this year.   There has also been a lot in the news recently about local community mental health services falling apart and some coverage about

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Civil Rights Activist Chuck McDew in Savannah in November 2008

  Chuck McDew, founder and first president of the Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC, known as SNICK), was in Savannah for two weeks prior to the November 4th Election day as part of Chatham-Savannah Citizen Advocacy’s Activist in Residence Series. Mr. McDew spent his two weeks in Savannah talking about the struggle for voter rights for African Americans with

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