I Hope I Know What I’m Doing

My name is Sean Brandon, I live in Savannah, Georgia and I’ll be blogging about my experience with Citizen Advocacy.

Well, I’m glad to get that out of the way. Too often I find blogs where nothing is said about the person writing or why they’re doing a blog in the first place. I’m saying right up front that I’m here to give you a first person perspective about being an advocate. I’m also hoping to have a few entries written by other advocates. All of this is attempt to answer the questions “What is Citizen Advocacy and why is it important.”

Hopefully through some of my ongoing experiences and others why can answer both of those questions. For now, I’m just glad to get this blog off the ground. I’ve got a few rules that I’ve set for myself to help this process.

1. I’m going to try and blog at least 3 times per week and definietley at least once on the weekends.

2. I’m not going to cite any supposed fact or figure without a cite and will state an opinion very clearly as an opinion

3. I’ll do my best to make every entry relevant to those two questions I stated up front

– What is Citizen Advocacy

– Why is it important

Happy Reading

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