St. Patrick’s Day and Stuff

So clearly my rule about trying to blog 3 times per week has gone to that bad place we can’t say. At least I can say I’m very happy with the entries that I have made so I’ll take quality over quantity any day.

I work in the City Manager’s Office in Savannah and among the things that I handle is helping to organize the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal in Savannah; A VERY big deal. Every year thousands of people come for the parade (nearly four hours long) and then for the after parade celebration. It’s basically an excuse to have a spring break party, particularly true since many of the participants are literally on spring break from nearby colleges/universities.

I mention all of this to say that when we talk about inclusion we should ask the question is everyone included in celebrations like this. Herman has never been to the St. Patrick’s Day parade and given his aversion to alcohol (probably a good things) does not want to participate in the after parade celebration. So what is their left to do in the City’s biggest festival; not much.

I have to wonder what a St. Patrick’s Day celebration that truly tried to include everyone would look like? As it stands now if you’re not a someone who likes to drink or can not stand around for four hours this is not an event you really feel invited to. I don’t think it was purposfully set up like this, it just sort of happened over a number of years.

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