Overdue Pictures from Judith Snow's Visit

Back in January, Judith Snow and her four friends, Gloria, Paula, Gean, and Franziska came to stay in Savannah for two weeks. It was meant to be a nice break from the Toronto winter and a chance for her to make headway on her book. BUT, she’s Judith Snow and everyone wants to talk with her, but mostly hear her talk. She gave several amazing lectures, took over the Sentient Bean coffee shop as her art studio, and brought people together. If you missed her while she was in Savannah, check out the Toronto Inclusion Conference in July. She’s always there. Also, you can find books about her/by her on www.Inclusion.com.

JSvisit.5 JSvisit.1 JSvisit.2 JSvisit.3 JSvisit.4 JSvisit.6 JSvisit.7 JSvisit8 JSvisit.9 JSvisit.10 JSvisit.11 JSvisit.12

If you don’t know anything about her, I recommend changing that!

I also hope you’ll join in with me in shouting ENCORE! We want her to come back soon!

-Chloe Stuber

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  • Rigel

    Awesome pictures, Chloe. Here were my impressions of Judith Snow from her recent visit:

    In Judith I saw a beautiful person with a lot of wit and insight. I think that she has a way of taking common perceptions and turning them on their head.

    Her insight about the most successful people being masters of interdependence was an eye-opener for me. I think that this may be the zeitgeist of America’s new era, shedding the country’s adulation for individualism; ignoring our interconnectedness, as if what I do doesn’t affect you, or what you do doesn’t affect me.

    And I liked her notion that people labeled disabled are as normal as anyone else; that we are all part of the same people and always have been and always will be. That we’re all better off together.

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