Judith Snow Now in Savannah

Canadian activist and author, Judith Snow, is in Savannah now through the end of January. Judith and The Sentient Bean Coffee Shop owner, citizen advocate and past board member and chair, Kristin Russell, are spearheading the development of the Southern Collective for Inclusive Citizenship, a grassroots social change organization that will be based in Savannah. Judith and her team are on the front end of their World Peace through Inclusion tour. Judith is a remarkable speaker and workshop leader and is available to speak to and work with your Sunday School classes, book and civic clubs or school groups of all ages. To learn more, contact Judith at judiths@ica.net or call (416) 999-5326.

December is Coffee and Conversation Month. Tom and Ashley are available and very interested in talking to any and all citizen advocates about any and all things they would like to talk about. Please call 236-5798 or e-mail Tom at tomkohler@bellsouth.net.

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