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Chuck McDew

The Wall Street Journal must have been reading the little booklet we published a couple of years ago called, Protecting People Who are Patients in Hospitals. The headline of the October 28, 2008 Health Journal article by Melinda Beck is called, “Bedside Manner: Advocating for a Relative in the Hospital”, and stresses the life-saving benefit of patients having an advocate with them during a hospital stay, someone who is there to look out for their best interest while they’re there. For a copy of our booklet or the Wall Street Journal article, please email Gretchen Perez at or call us at 912-236-5798.

Civil Rights activist Chuck McDew spent two weeks with us and stunned crowds of people at The Sentient Bean, in Sunday school classes, and in small, private home gatherings with his remembrances of the courage and conviction it took to register voters in Mississippi, South Carolina and Georgia in the early 1960’s. It was so interesting to have him with us as the recent elections took place. Watching local people as they began to understand the meaning of moral courage was an exciting part of being with Mr. McDew.

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