What do J.J. Abrams and Citizen Advocacy Have in Common???

Life’s Hidden Joys


The May issue of Wired magazine is guest edited by J.J. Abrams, influential creator of TV shows Alias, Lost and Fringe and director of the new Star Trek movie. He describes the times we are in as “the Age of Immediacy” and points to our ability to Google 50,000 references for any subject and to Twitter 10,000 people in one second to make his point. He then offers a caution, saying that immediacy lacks context. As a writer, Abrams is all about context. He offers “The Magic of Mystery. Even in this ‘Age of Immediacy’, few things are better than discovering and decoding life’s hidden joys.”


We will be sharing some of “life’s hidden joys” on May 7th at our 31st Covered Dish Supper and Annual Meeting. Come and see if you see some of life’s hidden joys—long lasting relationships between people, people questioning the status quo on one another’s behalf, people sticking with one another through thick and thin.


Citizen advocacy moves in slow motion in today’s “Age of Immediacy.” It’s built that way. Slow, steady, durable, flexible, personal, imperfect, and on a human scale.

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