What We Do…

  • What we do is not flashy.
  • What we do is not “solving a community problem” unless you consider indifference to injustice in another person’s life a community problem.
  • What we do is based on possibility, not prescription.
  • What we do is as strong as people, and as weak as people.
  • What we do demands and deepens character.
  • What we do is both humble and audacious.
  • What we do can speak to people of good heart who have little else in common.
  • What we do is to do this as best we can, which is different than the best it can be done. We aspire, given our limitations as individual people, as a group of people and as an organization to do this the best it can be done.
  • What we do fans the flame of personalism rather than professionalism.
  • What we do is part of the very current and hip DIY movement.
  • What we do has roots in each of the major faith stories of the world.
  • What we do ties back to the underground railroad, the sheltering of Jews, to other movements and individual acts of courage that focus on saving individual people from harm at the hands of a power structure.

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