Truth in the time of Twitter (140 characters per thought) and other fast moving media…..

  • We protect who we love. (19 characters)
  • We  love people who we know. As long as a person lives unknown to others they live unloved and unsafe. (81 characters)
  • The word “disability” often creates a big wide distance between a person and other members of our community. (90 Characters)
  • The service system serves to separate rather than connect and create community for people with disabilities. (92 characters)
  • We must get closer to one another to protect each other from misunderstanding and indifference. (82 characters)
  • Citizen advocacy’s relationship building works to bring people together so that love and respect can grow between people. (104 characters)
  • Twitter does not do justice to the complexity and beauty of the relationships that people have created with one another.  (101 characters)

Here are 3 Tweet level looks at 3 citizen advocacy relationships. When you add up how long people have know each other in these 3 examples, it’s over 50 years. Tweet on that. (140 characters)


  1. “I help her with the practical, she helps me with the profound.” Neel Foster, describing how she and her protégé influence one another. (135 characters)

  3. “I am proud to call her my best friend.” Citizen advocate Kathy Looper, talking about her protégé. (82 characters)

  5. “I am going to start Tweeting my friends about my friend Barry.” Citizen advocate Jake Hodesh, a plan to use social networking to build some social fabric around his protégé. (139 characters)

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