Our ability to make MORE new citizen advocacy matches is growing…

We are happy to announce that Savannah native Robin Gunn has joined our staff as Associate Coordinator. She joins Tom Kohler in inviting and encouraging people to become citizen advocates. Robin is a self-described “optimistic realist” who is passionate about Savannah’s remarkable people, history and culture. Robin also knows that not everyone in Savannah is invited and encouraged to enjoy, contribute to and participate in the good things that Savannah has to offer.


Professionally, Robin has been a freelance writer, publicist and project coordinator since 2003. She is acquainted with a broad array of people in Savannah from many different places and points of view, including community and church life, and her employment with the Ossabaw Island Foundation and the City of Savannah and her ownership of Hannah Banana Books in the early 2000s.


So our small staff of two is now three, and you will see an increase in citizen advocacy matches in the coming year.

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