How do we make citizen advocacy matches?

How do we bring people together in citizen advocacy relationships?


We get to know the person with the developmental disability and learn about their hopes, dreams and interests.


We reach out to people we know who have connections, talents and skills that match up with who the person is and what their hopes are.


We give both people the opportunity to learn about one another and to decide if they would like to deepen that learning.


If the two people decide they would like to get to know one another and try to create change, we help them get started and we stay in touch to listen, share ideas and to offer encouragement.


We encourage citizen advocates to ask their friends and associates to help them in their advocacy efforts.


We are always available to the citizen advocate at their request. We do not step in for them, but we try and be there for them whenever they call.


We offer invitations to ongoing learning and celebration from time to time. These are invitations not obligations.

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