Do you eat food? Like stories? Appreciate wisdom?

The Forsyth Park Farmers’ Market Almanac Exhibition is is a very cool photo show at the Sentient Bean Coffee Shop at 13 E. Park Avenue that opens Friday, November 1st with a reception from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. The show is organized by The Mixed Greens, a group of people who offer support to and provide intentional welcome to all who come to the market every Saturday. The Mixed Greens is intentionally and thoughtfully inclusive – 2 of the 15 members are people who have a label of developmental disability attached to their lives. The photo show will appeal to anyone who eats food, likes stories, and appreciates wisdom.


As a citizen advocate, this might be something to think more about — the idea that Savannah would be a more interesting and inclusive community if more groups aspired to be intentionally and thoughtfully inclusive. What sort of interests does your protege have? Are there groups here in town that share and champion that interest? What sort of conversation might lead to the group becoming an intentionally and thoughtfully inclusive group?


The Forsyth Park Farmers’ Almanac exhibit is live at the Sentient Bean and on Facebook. Come and be part of the opening reception on Friday evening — and if you can’t do that, make it a point to come by and see the exhibit one day soon.

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